In 2018, We're Changing...

It's time for a change here at tboae.

We are going under the knife for a complete redesign and rebuild of all our platforms from the ground up...

It's not a revamp, it's a rebuild using the same technologies used by the likes of Facebook, Instagram and Airbnb.

We have let our imaginations run wild and can now focused on what we need to build to deliver you the very best platform to help you grow your fitness business and community.

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About Us

Based in Sydney, we're a team of sports and fitness enthusiasts and software nerds. Founded in 2015 with the aim to build the simplest, most beautiful and best platform for (what we call) the passion industries. These include, CrossFit Gyms, Dance and Yoga Studios and everything in between.

We worked with some of the best in the fitness industry in Australia to deliver the first version of the tboae platform. We had great fun doing that and got a lot right but we made some mistakes and got some things wrong. Now we are working on the brand new platform and our mission is to make tboae the best fitness industry platform on the market.

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Learn more about tboae and hear about us, our past and our exciting future.

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...until the Next Update

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Our Future

Since we first launch tboae 3 years ago, a lot has changed in both the fitness industry and with the technologies used to build web platforms. So, to ensure that we deliver the very best platform on the market, not just today but for the foreseeable future, we are preparing to change too.

We are going to extraordinary lengths to ensure that we are bring you, our partners cutting-edge technologies and a feature rich platform.

Focusing on what is important to running and building a successful fitness business, tboae will be the only platform you need to build and grow your business and community.

Mobile First

Integrated Payments

Integrated Online Waivers

Feature rich with extensive reporting

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Our Services

From online payments to integrated waivers, the tboae family consists of 4 separate platforms each designed and built to be visually beautiful with simplicity and functionality at the forefront of everything we do.

  • tboae Coach

  • tboae Athlete

  • tboae HQ

  • tboae app (IOS and Android)